Interested in bringing home a fearless, elegant-looking dog with an innate toughness? A dog descending from a lineage of nobility is the Doberman Pinscher. The breed originated in Germany sometime in the 1900. The standout canine derived its name from tax collector Louis Dobermann, who needed a well-built medium-sized dog to serve as guard dog. Doberman Pinscher dogs score high in intelligence, endurance, and speed. Physical attributes of the pup include a strong neck and broad chest.

The reputation of the Doberman Pinscher for being ferocious precedes it, yet it can be quite affectionate, loyal, and obedient, making many people favor the pooch as a pet. Being intense and temperamental, Doberman Pinscher dogs may not be suited for humans who tend to be unsure of themselves.

The dog breed requires adequate exercise. Grooming needs are minimal, considering that the Doberman Pinscher has a short coat. Owners of Doberman Pinscher dogs are likely to experience ease and pride when training their chosen pets. Some owners prefer to leave Doberman training to the experts. It is crucial to make sure, though, that your pet doesnt end up suffering any form of cruelty or harassment A balanced diet must be given to the pooch. Pet owners also need to note that the Doberman Pinscher is generally prone to heart problems and coordination disorder.

As with most other dogs, training the Doberman Pinscher requires patience and care. Even intelligent dogs must be allowed to progress and learn at their own pace. The ideal time to train the Doberman Pinscher is during the puppy stage. Now if youve acquired a grown up Doberman Pinscher, you can still have some of the dogs negative behavioral tendencies corrected.

The agile dog may seem stubborn at times, but as master, you just need to let the animal know who is the pack leader. As home companion, the Doberman Pinscher can be great with kids, but never leave the dog with children unsupervised. Children must be watched closely when interacting with the dog and be continuously advised not to do aggressive hugging until the dog knows them very well. This is because the gesture may be regarded by the canine as threatening behavior.

The Doberman Pinscher has been used as police and war dog, and as a search-and rescue companion of humans. The pooch tends to be protective of its master. Overall, lean and powerful-looking Doberman Pinscher dogs can make great pets.