They say that dog is a man’s best friend. Surely, domestic animals other than the dog are also tame, but this best friend title has always been awarded to the dogs. Most dog breeds show their domesticated behaviour to their owners, but there is one standout type of dogs that are far from the usual sweet and gentle ones. Doberman Pinscher or simply called Doberman, is a very tough type of dog. Who, or rather, what are you going to hire if you need basic protection at home? Just train a Doberman Pinscher and youre all set.

The sharp look
A Doberman Pinscher has a medium standard size, with normal dog ears but some of them had or will have their ears cropped while they are still young to keep the ears upright. They vary in color. The colors range generally from reddish brown to black. Either way, some people think they look scary because of their basic appearance: tight, square jaws and typically upright ears which seem too sensitive and seem to hear everything. Even though Doberman Pinschers are famous for their hostile nature when attacking bad people, they show extreme loyalty and obedience to their owners.

The sharp mind
Doberman Pinschers have a kind of intelligence that some dog breeds cannot easily possess even with rigid training. Any sight, smell, or taste unfamiliar to them would make them act aggressively. Side by side with their roving owners, mostly policemen and rescue teams, or even just at home observing at the gates, they exude this adventurous nature that make people have second thoughts whether to stare at them or to merely stay away. Doberman Pinschers are also watchful but they do not attack random strangers at all. Nevertheless, whichever kind of protection you want them to learn, a word or two of command they have been trained on and they will certainly do it.

You train them well; they work twice as hard. If you are a worrier type of person, it is much better to have a Doberman Pinscher at home than to hire a security officer whose background you dont even know much, and who can possibly go against you someday. Although it is not meant to be a companion while playing games or doing leisure activities, you cannot ask for more from a Doberman Pinscher because just like other dogs, it is loyal, respectful, and obedient.